Mission statement


Our Mission

It seems obligatory these days for organisations, no matter what their size, to have a mission statement, so here goes…

Our mission is to become, and remain, the world’s biggest and best supplier of I.T. services to small and medium enterprises.That’s it. We will realise our mission by being:

  • Expert at what we do. Our technical personnel average better than 10 years each in the IT industry, mainly working for Blue Chip companies that expect (and generally get) the best service. We aim to transfer that level of service to the neglected area of small and medium enterprises.
  • Focussed. Our support branch does support and nothing else. Our Website branch develops and maintains websites, nothing else. With a network of interlocking specialists, we are flexible enough to cope in a crisis and good enough to be the best in each area we address. If we are not already the best, we are getting there.
  • Dedicated. This is how we make our living. This is what we do. We invest in training to keep up to date. We invest in technology so we can research the benefits for you. A lot of our work is training, research, experimentation. We constantly look for ways to do things better.
  • Long-term. If you become a client of ours, we regard you as our partner. If you grow and prosper, so will we.