A Giftweb makes the ideal present for anyone who loves technology – perfect for those who would like to have their own website but don’t know how to get started.

If you know someone who would like to tell the world about their life, their job, their hobby, their sports club, their charity – whatever it is, Weblink Giftwebs are the perfect way to get started. They include all the following features as standard:

  • Own domain name registration
  • Hosting on a 200 Mb virtual server
  • Email configuration set up.
  • 4 page template website
  • A 26 part course in all aspects of website design
  • A central forum for exchanging ideas and solutions
  • Articles about website design, HTML, Perl etc
  • Useful links to other web design resources
  • All for £100 (plus VAT) for or domains OR .
  • All for £125 (plus VAT) for .com domains.

Please have a look at the main Giftwebs site for fuller details or