Privacy statement



From time to time, we will gain personal details from this website, usually in response to requests for support, subscriptions to the newsletter, enquiries from potential clients and so on.

Weblink I.T. does not and will never do any of the following:

Divulge any personal information gained from browsers, surfers, enquirers, prospective clients and casual or accidental visitors to this website to any third party whatsoever, unless forced to do so by legal process.

Sell or supply mailing or subscription lists to anyone.

Send unsolicited emails, circulars, mailshots or engage in any form of telephone sales or tele-canvassing as a result of enquiries from this website.

Nor will we at any time gain information on visitors by means of web bugs, bots, address tracing, or any other method. If we have any details about you, it is because you have volunteered them. If you receive anything from us, it is because you have requested it. Where we do have any of your details, they are kept securely and in confidence.

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